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E Club
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Date 18.2.2011

The members of Federation of Auto Parts Manufacturers (FAPMA) under the presidentship of Surinder Singh Ryait today held a meeting with the Director MSME Development Institute Sh. S.Dhillon in which General Manager DIC Sh. Vishavbandhu was also present.

Initiating the meeting S. Jagtar Singh Bhambra General Secretary said that FAPMA is state level organization of Auto Part Manufacturers and its members are spread all over Punjab. Chairman Sh. Subash Bajaj and patron sh. Charan Singh Kohli said being a principal spokesman of Auto Industry, Federation represents members concern by S.Surinder Singh Ryait further said we have formed “E” Club (Entrepreneur’s Club) under the Govt of India’s Ministry of MSME scheme so that micro, small & medium manufacturers may be benefited. The members present in the meeting unanimously elected S. Jagtar Singh Bhambra as the president of newly formed “E” Club.

Elaborating about E Club Sh. S.S.Dhillon Director MSME said there are many schemes beneficial for the industry under the said E Club. The Govt. encourages small medium and micro entrepreneurs by giving them incentives such as for exhibiting their products, visits to exhibitions anywhere in India, organizing industrial tours, seminars, technical courses, buyers-sellers meet etc. He appreciated the efforts of Federation for its service to the industry.

Sh. Vishavbandhu GM, DIC spoke in detail about the ongoing schemes for industries and said that DIC has always helped the industry whenever the need arose. He asked the members to visit his office
oftenly so as to know the current policies and schemes of industry department for the industry.

Sh. B.S.Nagi, Asstt. Director MSME, Sh. SS Rekhi Sr. Industrial promotional officer DIC also spoke on the accession. Other industrialists present in the meeting included S. Charan Singh Kohli, Sh. Rajnesh Ahuja,Sh. Amarjit Dhall S.Baldev Singh Amar, Ginderpal Singh S. Gurcharan Singh Lotey, Bunty Kular, S.Rajpal Singh Perfect industries & Baldev Singh Nexo


Dt. 21.1.2011


FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS (FAPMA) has decided to increase 10 to 12% rates of their products with immediate effect. This decision was taken in the meeting held at the resident of FAPMA Chairman Sh. Subash Bajaj, in which S. Surinder Singh Ryait, President and S. Jagtar Singh Bhambra, General Secretary were present . Sh. Subash Bajaj said steep rise in steel prices have forced us to increase the rates of products. It is pertinent to mention here that Steel prices are increasing exorbitantly for the last month or so and there is at present no sign of roll-back.

S.Surinder Singh Ryait, said with which speed steel manufacturing companies are increasing their rates, it appears there is no control on prices and it may further continue to increase, thus resulting in great less to the industry, which is already facing numerous problems like labour shortage, VAT refund etc. FAPMA General Secretary Jagtar Singh Bhambra said our industry finds it difficult to supply goods at the old rates, since our buyers are in no mood to give us the increase in rates pleading that they have placed orders long time back,hence goods must be supplied at old rates.

On the other hand Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) are not accepting goods at the increased rates and they expect us to supply the goods at the already committed rates. Under such circumstances industry will be suffering huge losses, hence increase of 10 to 12% justified said Bhambra adding that Government must take concrete steps to overcome this problem of industrialists, otherwise small and tiny industry will have to bean the brunt, which will ultimately affect the very growth and development of the State.

Dt. 13.1.2011

The recent drastic hike in Steel prices has given a severe blow to the engineering industry, particularly to the Auto Parts Manufacturers of the State, said Surinder Singh Ryait,President and Jagtar Singh Bhambra, General Secretary of FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS (FAPMA).The unexpected steep rise in Steel prices which will be detrimental to the industry, will also result in monetary losses as the Purchase orders already received from the overseas buyers will have to be executed at the old rates.

FAPMA chairman Subhash Bajaj and Patron Charan Singh Kohli said that the industry is already surrounded by various problems and recent hike in steel prices will further aggravate the situation of industry, particularly the automobile sector will be the major sufferer..

Jagtar Singh Bhambra further said that there is exorbitant increase of 15% and our buyers will not pay us such increase as they have placed their orders several months back.Surinder Singh Ryait said we are in a fix to know what to do.The cancellation of orders means loosing the customers and supplying goods at the old rates means substantial loss to us.We urge the Govt to take initiative to control the prices so that industry may not suffer. Jasbir Singh Ryait,Chairman of renowned automobile component manufacturing company said that there will be no roll-back in already increased prices, therefore we are fearing monetary losses. There should be a Steel regulatory committee at State and Centre level by the Govt. so as to control unprecedented hike, he said.

Media Secretary

Date 7.1.2011
Press Release

In a specially convened meeting S.Surinder Singh Ryait and Jagtar Singh Bhambra, President & General Secretary, respectively of the FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS (FAPMA) strongly condemned the move of Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL) to impose weekly offs for industry. The industry is facing numerous problems and recent move of PSPCL to re-impose compulsory one day off for category-II and two weekly offs mandatory for Power intensive industries will further worsen the situation said Mr. Ryait.

FAPMA General Secertary Jagtar Singh Bhambra said it is a matter of concern that weekly offs have been imposed in industry in winter and you can well imagine what will be the situation in summer. President Surinder Singh Ryait said scheduled Power cuts on mixed urban feeders are for two hours daily but in reality there are 2 to 4 hours cuts instead of declared two hours which results in difficulties to the people.

It is ridiculous that on one hand PSPCL talks on surplus Power and at the same time imposes mandatory Power cuts. Punjab’s industry faces many problems like labour shortage, VAT refund etc. and now weekly offs will add to their woes said both the leaders urging the Govt. of Punjab to step in for safe-guarding the interests of industries by taking appropriate effective steps.

Media Secretary

Press Release
Date 19.8.2010
Press Release

A newly state organsation Federation of Auto Parts Manufacturers  held its first General Body Meeting in which large number of auto parts manufacturers from all over the Punjab gathered to discuss the problems auto Industry faces these days.

The Chairman Subash Bajaj and president S.Surinder Singh Ryait  welcomed the Cabinet Minister S.Hira Singh Gabria, who presided over today’s funcation Mr. Ryait highlighted the problems being faces by Industry in General and auto parts manufactures in particular.

Initiating the proceedings of the meeting general secretary Jagtar Singh  Bhambra apprised the members about the motive, aims &  objectives of the new federation. Due to absence of any potent voice at state level to taking auto industry is problems, the need for formation of state level organization was badly felt by the industrial community, hence new federation came into being in which large number of industrialists from the state of Punjab 
got representation to form a joint front, said Mr. Bhambra.
Chairman Subash Bajaj and President Surinder Singh raised many issues
before the honorable Minister, which include VAT refund and its non uniformity acute power shortage and frequent power cuts, steel prices, shortage of labour and many other factors which are hindering the progress of industry in the state.

Cabinet Minister Hira Singh Gabria while lauding the efforts of  industrialists for forming a joint front at State Level assured the members of the federation to take up these problems with the CM & Deputy CM and other concerned authorities for the early redressal of the same. Agreeing with the industrialist’s view point that Punjab’s industry which has slipped down  considerably, as industry of the other states has progressed on large scale, the minister told the members to do everything possible at Govt level to boost the industry 
including providing of special economic package. Mr. Gabria further told that he was doing his best efforts for all round development of city like roads carpeting, smooth flow of sewerage system, maintenance of parks providing pollution free atmosphere to the citizens of Ludhiana.

On this occasion Sh. Vishav Bandhu, GM Industry DIC, Ludhiana  threw light on the various schemes launched by Ind. Deptt for the welfare of industry. He also told the members that for the convenience of industrialists single window system for clearance of their applications has been introduced and every system has been put on line for assistance of industrialists. He assured the members of all possible help to industry by DIC.

 Rajnish Ahuja, Upkar Singh Ahuja, Balram Kapoor, Jatinder Singh Kundi, Charan Singh Kohli, Jasbir Singh Ryait, Gurcharan Singh, Gursharan Singh Sambhi,Amarjit Dhall, Sanjeev Kalra and other industrialists all over the Punjab also spoke on the occasion Subash Bajaj,Surinder Singh Ryait,Jagtar Singh Bhambra presented momentous to S.Hira Singh Gabria & Vishav Bandhu.


Press Release
Date 4.10.2010
Press Release
In an interactive session organsied by state level industrial organization FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS (FAPMA)  problems being faced by Industry in general and Auto sector in particular were discussed in detail. A large number of industrial community from all over Punjab attended the meet.

FAPMA president Surinder Singh Ryait & General Secretary Jagtar Singh Bhambra while initiating the discussion welcomed the participating industrialists & other officers from Govt. Department Mr. Ryait said that with the help of G.M. District Industry Centre, FAPMA is in process of developing Cluster for Auto Parts Industry where in latest CNC Machines and other modern testing equipment required in Metallurgical Labortary will be set up. General Secretary Jagtar Singh Bhambra said any Auto Parts manufacturer can invest in such Cluster wherein research & development of Auto components will be carried out which will be beneficial for Auto Industry. It is a matter of honour for us that a world renowned auto component manufacturing company M/S. G.S.Auto International Ltd. Has voluntarily offered land & building for Cluster said Bhambra.

FAPMA Chairman Subash Bajaj, Jasbir Singh Ryait, Charan Singh Kohli, Rajnesh Ahuja highlighted many problems of on industry like VAT refund, power shortage & cuts, fluctuations in steel prices, poor infrastructure of bad roads in City, and permanent Centre for exhibiting auto components. They also required the concerned authorities for early solutions of these problems so that the progress of industry should not effect. Sewerage problem of the industries located along G.T.Road  and Dhandari kalan village.The main sewerage line was laid down in Year 2004 in front of our industrial units and then it goes G.T.Road  and Dhandari kalan village opposite GS Auto International GT Road, Ludhiana. On this occasion chief guest S.Harbhjan Singh, Commissioner Income Tax apprised the members about the various schemes of I.T. Dept. beneficial for industry. S. Shamsher Singh Gansi, Ex-Deputy Excise & Taxation commissioner, Sh. Vishav Bandhu General Manager District Industry Centre and Sh. R.C.Chopra ex-director MSMS also spoke on the schemes for development of State’s industry.
S.Baldev Singh Amar Tractor, Jatinder Singh Kundi, Joint Secretary and Upkar Singh New Swan told the mebers about the forthcoming international auto trade fair in las vegas, USA in the month of November wherein industrial community from across the globe will participate which will be neneficial for Punjab’s auto parts manufacturing community .
Thye meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Gen. Secretary Jagtar Singh Bhabra.

Press Release
Date 21.9.2010
Press Release

To discuss the problem being faced by the industries, particularly by the auto sector “FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS” (FAPMA) is organizing a PRESS MEET on 4th October,2010 in which good number of entrepreneurs from all over Punjab will participate.

According to Surinder Singh Ryait, President and Jagtar Singh Bhambra, General Secretary of the Federation, due to slow pace of industrial development and other factors which are hindering the progress of Industries and so many other difficulties which industry faces at local & State level will be discussed in detail and industrialists from all over Punjab will highlight the problems of industry and suggest ways and means for the solution of problems.

General Secretary Bhambra said the officials from  Income Tax and Excise & Taxation Department have been invited for interaction and they will throw light on recent schemes launched by Punjab Government for the benefit of trade & Industry. The Government has taken many steps to ensure the smooth running of industries by providing single point Clearance to the entrepreneurs which will also be told to the members at the Press Meet said Bhambra.

Federation’s patron Charan Singh Kohli and Chairman Subash Bajaj further said that Department of industries & Commerce, Government of Punjab has enacted The Punjab Industrial Facilitation Act,2005  with a view to speedy implementation of industrial projects and to  smooth functioning of the existing Industries of the State. With the implementation of this act the State’s Industry will get maximum benefit as this act will pave way for the development of trade & industry of the State, they told.

Baldev Singh
Media Secretary

Press Release
Press Release

FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS (FAPMA) state level organization, has welcomed the decision of Punjab Government to release power connection to the consumers falling under the Mixed-land use areas of Ludhiana. President Surinder Singh Ryait and General Secretary Jagtar Singh Bhambra said with the decision a long pending demand of small industrialists has been fulfilled and micro & tiny units falling in the these areas will be benefited as they can now apply for new connection as well as having the facility of extending their present power load.

Jagtar Singh Bhambra, General Secretary told that un-specified number of small industries operating from these areas were facing acute difficulties in running their units smoothly as a results of ban on power connections and consequently their growth was hindered to a great extent with this decision of the Government small indsustrialists heaved a singh of releaf Mr. Bhambra also thanked cabinet minister S. Hira Singh Gabria for his efforts in restoring the power connection which were hitherto banned in these areas.

President Surinder Singh Ryait and chairman of the federation Subash Bajaj said that this is a welcome step for the industry falling under these areas but they strongly felt that the other areas which has been left and not covered under mixed land use areas like New Janta Nagar, New Shimla Puri and shimla puri etc. should also be given this type of facility so that the industry in these areas should also develop. The surivial of these amll industries very much depends upon the positive attitude of the government who should do all efforts to provide every possible facilities required by the industries, so that these industrialists should not feel ignored. Mr. Ryait said that a good number of auto parts manufacturers are located in the areas which has not been provided such facilities and government should treat all the industries alike.

Baldev Singh
Media Secretary

Press Release
Press Release

S.Surinder Singh Ryait, President and S.Jagtar Singh Bhambra Gen. Secretary FEDERATION OF AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURERS (FAPMA) expressed satisfactory over the decision of Punjab Govt to release VAT refund to the tune of 75% to the traders and industrialists of State. 

General Secretary Jagtar Singh Bhambra thanked Govt. of Punjab and said that with this decision a large number of small units would be benefited as the refund amount will be utilized for the development and growth of industry. Sh. Subash Bajaj chairman of the federation said that it is right decision of Govt. to release 75% Vat refund but Govt. should not have put limit of Vat refund to Rs. One crore. These large units should also be entitted for 75% Vat refund of their full refund amount so that they can also have smooth sailing in business, which has been already affected adversely in the past due to over delayed Vat 

Mr. Surinder Singh Ryait and Bhambra further told that many States have reduced VAT from 13.75% to 5.5% on auto parts, thus providing a bing relief to undustry and paving pay for 
progress and Punjab govt should also reduce VAT of auto parts to 5.5% from present 13..75% in order to enable the state’s auto industry to be competitive and progressive.

Press Release
Date 4.8.2010
Press Release
In a meeting of Board of Directors of newly formed State Level organization Federation of Auto Parts Manufacturers (FAPMA) held on 4.8.2010 at G.S.Estate, G.T.Road, Dhandari Kalan, Ludhiana under the President ship of S. Surinder Singh Ryait it was unanimously decided to present Memorandum consisting of various difficulties being faced by auto industry of the State to the Chief Minister, Industry Minister and other concerned officials of Punjab Government.
S. Jagtar Singh Bhambra, General  Secretary of the Federation (FAPMA) listed the details of problems which industry is facing:  VAT Refund ,  Severe Production Loss due to Electricity Cuts, Shortage of labour , Steep Hike in Steel Prices with so many other factors hampering the development of Industry of Punjab.
Mr. Surinder Singh Ryait , President  detailed  Current issues and hardships being  faced by Auto Industry of Punjab.
1 Industry in deep financial problem due to Non Refund of VAT for last  3 years resulting in no available working capital with most of Industries to run and manage their businesses as everything got locked in VAT 
2 Immediate outflow of funds due to implementation of entry tax which got clubbed with VAT input credit where as refund, on A/C of VAT already got overdelayed by more than 3 years
3 Heavy production loss due to Electricity cuts
4 Non Availability of space in existing Focal Points for New Industry and need to Develop new focal point Near Ludhiana. To cater to the need of local industries in Ludhiana for expansion and development of  new focal point near Ludhiana is required. This will not only promote industrialization but also help administration controlling setting up industrial units in agriculture or civil areas and for better town and country planning.
5 Government should give interest @ 18% p.a. on delay in Refund of VAT as they have hold back money of common public.               
Addressing the meeting Chairman Sh. Subash Bajaj opined that Govt. should pay due attention to industry and should take concerete steps to boost the morale of sick units and  provide better infrastructure  to industry so that foreign investors should not hesitate to invest in the State. No major vehicle manufacturer has set up any unit in State for the more than 15 years and as a result  industry has slipped down and other states have gone for ahead than Punjab he ruled.
 The mazor industrialists of Punjab viz Jasbir Singh Ryait, Charan singh kohli, Balram Kapoor,Rajnish Ahuja,Jatinder Singh Kundi,Nirmal Singh, Baldev Singh, Gurcharan Singh, Jagtar Singh Bhambra were of the view that Punjab Govt. should call a meeting of Industry of Punjab, so that ever one can highlight their problems and agenda to put Punjab back on track to leading Industrial Area in India is discussed and developed.

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